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There are games that you play once and there are games that you play after years and you still enjoy playing. Today we are interested in games that are deathless. Games that you can play no matter of the place in time or your age. As you can expect this list consists of old classic games some of which are online based multiplayer games and others are single player games for console or PC. Here we go.

1. Zelda: Ocarina of Time

If you have never heard of Zelda series you are basically not alive. It is highly regarded as one of the best games ever and if you would have played it back in the days you would totally agree with this bold statement. The world of 3d games was fairly new. There were some good hits within this new genre such as Mario or Resident Evil. However, Zelda took things one step further and proved that they still rule over the world of video games. Zelda tells the story of a character named Link which is one of the few ascendents of the Hylian race. He has to prevent the dark force portrayed by Ganondorf to acquire the omnipotent power of the triforce and take over the world. To do this Link will have to travel back and forth in time to collect the Six Medallions that will help restore peace and defeat Ganondorf.

The gameplay is one of the most extensive of all time. If you would play it today, you will easily lose patience. The game demands a certain level of implication. This is not hard however as the story is enticing enough to make you want to see the hero prevail in his journey. Journey that at times seems endless but with purpose. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time excels in almost every gaming aspect. Storyline, characters, gameplay, music, locations, graphics. It is a one of a lifetime experience. After 20 years of evolutionary gaming you can hardly find any game that could match the masterfulness of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

2. Minecraft

Within the world of online games there is Minecraft. Minecraft is a sandbox game genre. Sandbox games deal with multiple variations of the same idea. Multiple tasks and multiple options to choose from. Minecraft is the father of sandbox gaming. You can create your own world and players will play it according to the rules you created. Released back in 2009, Minecraft doesn’t seem to slow down a bit. With over 50 million monthly users it is clear why it made it to this list. It is a game and a genre which does not have a finish line. In fact, many game ideas and concepts are first put into testing within the vast world of Minecraft before they are released as independent games. There are so many type of games and influences of other genres within the world of Minecraft that no single website could ever discuss them all. It is the home of diversity and the place for endless fun. If you have never tried Minecraft before you are wasting a tremendous experience. Minecraft should be on any list of top games of all time.

3. Tetris

If you are a teenager you cannot understand why this game has made to such list. Tetris was released in 1984. Without a doubt is the most prevalent game of all times with countless re-releases that no light hearted gamer could track and count. Even today after 25 years you can still find variotions of the 1986 original installment. It is a game for anyone and any age. There are no rules who and how can play this game. As simple as it is, as broad and accessible will be. It is pointless to discuus about the Tetris gameplay. There is no living person above 14 years that doesn’t have a slightest idea about the game. And a slightest idea is enough. The world of video games started with games like this. Tetris is and will be one of the most influential and predominant games of all time. It easily makes this top video games of all time and it will make any such list 20 years from now.

4. GTA Series

Among the most played games of all time is Grand Theft Auto. This is a game that will make to half of every gamer top games list. One of the first open-word games, GTA started its journey ever since 1997. GTA and GTA 2 were 2D based games. Although the most popular of all is GTA Vice City, GTA 3 is the one that started everything for RockStar. No one before attempted to create a 3D open world game. Many were skeptical about the future of such genre but not Rockstar. They have become synonymous with Open World Action Gaming. Every place GTA was released, be it handheld, console or PC gaming, GTA had lots of players waiting to try it. Playing in an open real life-like world you will easily get addicted to walk on the open street and do whatever you like to whoever you want. Any top games list should have Grand Theft Auto as it is one of the games that never failed to deliver more than expected in a time spawn of almost 20 years.

Which of these 4 games fits best for your preferences? This is just a small list of a bigger list to come. Stay tuned for more similar games to play that are classic genre but still playable today. Until then check out this post about Top Gaming Companies. Which one is your favourite gaming company and why?

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