Growtopia Hack Online Free No Download

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When it come so the world of gaming hacks, things are not as bright as we would want to. There are many fake hacks fro growtopia and for other games as well. Other online hacks are out of date and the teams that created them left the projects entirely. Most hack teams follow the same old ways of creating hacks. There needs to be a new way to make gaming hacks and we have implemented this new method into this growtopia hack online for free growtopia gems. This tool will be able to generate free resoures within your account on a daily basis. This new method implies some restrictions which you need to know before you will use the growtopia hack free tool to generate free gems.

Growtopia Hack Online

Daily Limit

The daily limit of the growtopia hack online based is flexible and depends on some factors. First and foremost your growtopia account can’t be used if it is not an old account. If it is a new account the tool will not deliver the gems successfully to your account. This is to prevent users overusing the tool and generating free gems into multiple accounts. Then, you will be able to select only certain amounts of resources. Why? Because it will help keep your account in totally safe conditions. Generating unlimited amounts of free gems is the reason why so many gaming hacks are not working anymore. The best way to have an efficient and trustoworthy growtopia free hack is to have a daily limit.

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The limit will prevent your account looking suspicious. It will look natural as if you have purchased the gems from the actual growtopia store. The limits you can generate are the same limits from the gems store. It keeps your accont safe. It will be a disaster to have all of your items and even creations go straight to the sink. This is why it is imperative to have a totally safe growtopia hack for free gems.

How to Get Free Gems

It is not just safe, it is also easy to use this growtopia generator. There is no password requirement, hence it will be a lot easier for you to make use of it. All you need is to provide your account username. You also have to select the amount of free gems that you want to add. Read on the official growtopia hack official page the exact amounts of gems you will be able to generate. You can enter whatever amount you want, but the amounts that will work are the amounts posted on the official online hack page.

Growtopia Hack Online Video Proof

After you have filled in all the fields you will have to click the generate button. The gems can be added in short time or sometimes you may have to wait up to ten minutes until you will the the full amount of gems into your account balance.

Growtopia Hack Online Free No Download

growtopia hack online
growtopia hack free

Elsword K Ching Hack for Free Daily K-Ching

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Take your experience to the next level using this latest elsword k ching hack which can easily grant you free kching within minutes. The program is online based. You do not have to download any files to your PC. The process takes place independently of your device. It can connect to your account via the cloud based server installed for hacks such as this elsword k ching hack no survey. However, there are some things that worth mentioning regarding this eslword hack for free k-ching.

elsword k ching hack


Made by the South Korean company KOD Studios, Elsword plays in a MMORPG environment. It is a 2.5D game and is currently free-to-play. Other features include real-time action gameplay and unique characters with unique abilities. There are a total of 12 characters each having their own backstory. The manga style of visuals give this game a unique look and a real pleasure to take part into.

The K-Ching

Like most online multiplayer games Elword also has its own currency. K-Ching in Elsword can be used to purchase various items and valuables which will help you in your journey. Be it in story mode or in PVP mode k-ching will play an important role. You can buy stuff such as Bank Sharing (helps you share costumes and weapons between characters without wasting time and money), Magic Necklaces, Magic Rings and a lot more.

Although you can play the game wothout k-ching, this is usually not a pleasant experience. The elsword k-ching hack is created to help you get a better more enjoyable experience. However, we do not want everybody using a free k ching hack. This would be a disaster for the game as there would not be any money for the company to pay their bills and wages. This is why we need a carreful approach.

The Mindful Elsword K-Ching Hack

To be able to have a balanced game we need a free k ching hack with a limit. The limit consists of a certain amount of k ching that one user can generate on a daily basis. The amount you can generate into your elsword account can be as low as 5000 free k ching or as high as 12500. Based on various algorithms and factors which the elsword hack can analyze you will receive a certain amount in-between these amounts. More about this is explaines on the official elsword hack website.This limit is what makes this Elsword k Ching Hack a mindful hack.

Video Proof of the Elsword K Ching Hack

As you can see this k-ching generator is really simple to use. All you need is to provide your username and select the amount of free k-ching to add in your account. Do not forget to activate the safety features as shown in the video above. After the generating process is finished you should be able to see the generated k ching into your balance. If many users are online using the program this process may take longer.

Free Robux Generator – Online Hack Tool

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If you want to know how to get free robux in roblox then learn that there is nothing to… learn. You can easily get what you want using the new free robux generator that can deliver as much as 80,400 free robux each day. The only way to have a working roblox robux generator is by having a daily limit instead of the conventional ‘unlimited free robux’ concept. Without this limitation it is not possible to have a reliable, undetectable and long-term free robux solution.

free robux generator

The Good, The Bad, And Robux

Roblox is maybe one of the most popular games today. Every country on every continent knows about roblox. If you go somewhere to a remote country in the mountains you can still find people playing roblox. Although the overall idea and gameplay may be perfect there are shortcomings. Today we are talking about the issue of robux. Robux is hard to get these days and with the recent tix currency removal things got worst. As we all know the biggest problem with robux is the price. As a game for teenagers paying as much as $99.95 for 10,000 robux is not a happy scenario. A happy scenario would be to get the means through which we would be able to get free robux in roblox. Currently, the best and only way to get free robux is by using some sort of program such as a working free robux generator.

A Working Robux Generator = A Happy Life

There is no exaggeration in saying that having free robux may change your actual life experience. Taking into consideration the tens of millions of roblox players, having a free robux solution would be a game changer. Literally! Roblox will become a different game if we would have free robux. So many people would benefit so much from a small thing. This small thing is the new free robux generator that you can use today to get free robux. You heard me right! The topic on how to get free robux in roblox has finally find its end. This new tool will actually deliver free robux into your account. Most importantly, it will keep your account totally safe while doing so.

ROBLOX And Its Downfalls

Roblox is more than a game. It became a phenomena larger than life. Not knowing what is roblox and not being part of it sounds so sad. As if you are missing the best. The internet altogether would not seem so big of an invention without having inventing roblox for it. It is a great community and a movement that will last for at least a hundred years from now.

Unfortunately, we live in a word where money are pretty much the basis of all things. No matter if we like it or not. And for every good thing that happens in out lives – money happen to all good things. What this means is that nothing can be perfect. ROBLOX is not perfect, but not having money in your pocket can still be enough to enjoy roblox. At least to some extent. As human beings we always want more. It is in our nature. And this why we all want to play roblox in its fullest.

Video Demonstration On How To Get Free Robux

The only way to do that is by having free robux. Lots of it. And… if it’s possible lots of free unlimited robux. That is the dream of most of us playing roblox. I don’t know about the spoiled brats that have it all, but the majority of us really need some help. For the first time our desires are met and we finally have the free robux generator. This tool comes with some disadvantages on its own, so keep reading to learn more about how to get free robux using this new hack.

Money, Money, Money… ROBUX

The problem with roblox is that is a big and complex game played by so many. This requires many people working and sustaining the servers, improving on current aspects and preventing problems. Just as old Spidey used to say: With great power comes great responsibility. Due to this we have the high prices on buying robux. Many free robux programs have been released and are currently available to the public. The thing is that people creating these roblox robux hacks don’t really know what they are doing. Instead on focusing on the end user, they focus on their reputation. They create hacks for the sake of it and for the competition. This is why they are not able to create a reliable and trustworthy robux generator that will pass the test of time.

They create programs using old techniques that don’t work these days anymore. And old techniques definitely don’t work on highly popular and groundbreaking games such as roblox. We need a new approach if we really want a real free robux generator. This new approach required reinventing the old techniques by doing a lot of tedious work and going into uncharted territories.

Experience has taught us that most complex things are built upon simple ideas. To be able to have a reliable free robux generator we had to step back and realize what will give us the best resources for a free robux solution. To be able to do this we had to completely forget about the idea of unlimited free robux. This is not possible if we really want to create a worthwhile hack that can deliver free robux without being detected. The only solution is to have a daily limit of robux that you can deliver to your roblox account. Currently, this is the best alternative and it might be a game changer for the world of gaming hacks.

A Free Robux Generator From Future

Roblox is a game played by people all around the world. OK, maybe not from North Korea because there is no internet there. But everybody plays roblox. One major downfall of other similar online based robux generators is their inability to provide free robux for people living on every continent. However, we managed to overcome this issue. This new 2017 release of our robux generator can be used from all world continents. We managed to install our files on multiple servers all connected to one website.

I Need More Free Robux

It is sometimes frustrating seeing roblox players with so much money to spend on robux. They do not care about the rest of us that can barely afford an ice-cream. But what goes around comes around and we are now the ones on top of things by having this free robux generator. Because they have the money to buy as much robux they want, they would never look for a free robux solution. Hence, they are still paying and providing the necessary funds for roblox servers maintenance. It is more or less a win-win solution. At least nobody loses, we just win our right to have our well deserved free robux.

What is The Robux Free Roblox Daily Limit?

We mentioned about the daily limit. Upon the initial release the limit was of 40,200 free robux. However, recent improvements on the program has made it possible to double this limit. You can today generate as much as 80,400 free robux using this online free robux generator. However, this may change in the future so stay tuned to see the latest updates. Why this limit? Based upon tests and on the process through which you get free robux, this limit is the most optimal limit to avoid banning. Even more, our tool must also be safe. We do not want the work we put into developing this roblox hack to be wasted. Generating too much robux will make the program detectable and nobody would be able to take advantage of it.

Robux Free Roblox – As Easy As Pie

Despite being a complex and groundbreaking roblox robux hack on the bottom, on the surface is the simplest program. Your blind coloured grandmother can generate free robux if she would need some. Once you have accessed the official online page where the generator can be used you will see three tabs and two check-boxes.

free robux generator

It helps to know what each of the options and tabs stands for when using the online generator.
As you can expect you need to enter your username. The first box is for that. Next you will want to select any of the pre-defined amounts of robux you will want to generate. Unfortunately, it is not possible to generate any other of the already available free robux amounts. These amounts are used by means of emulating the payment and to stay under the radar while adding free robux into your account.

Next you will want to select the location of your country. The next two options are important and you need to check them as well. The first stands for activating the proxy server. And the second is to force a payment emulation within your account to avoid any suspicions. And finally you will need to click the Generate button. After a couple of minutes the delivering process should be finished. After that it may take a while until you will see the free robux to your account.

Last, but not least, please share the program with everybody else. With everybody apart from your rich friends :). We need them to buy robux paying real money. Free robux is for us who cannot afford it. And of course, have fun into this new world of roblox where you can actually have access to a working free robux generator that can deliver free daily robux to your account.

Hearthstone Hack For Gold – Online Cheat

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Enhance your experience in hearthstone with this new hearthstone hack for gold which will help you get daily free gold within seconds. Hearthstone easy gold has got a new meaning when using this hack tool. It has never been easier and safer to have free gold in hearthstone. No download required. This hearthstne hack tool is web based and can be acessed from any device.

hearthstone hack gold

What is Gold In Hearthstone

Although hearthstone is a enjoyable and playable game without the need of too much gold, the overall quality of game is truly changed when using this hearthstone hack for gold. What is gold used for? Gold in hearthstone is used to enter The Arena, to buy card packs or to buy wings in Adventures. You can also enter Heroic Tavern Brawl game mode where ou have to pay as much as 1000 gold. Gold will give you lots of extra options. Lots of gold will give you total control over the world of Hearthstone. A vast and fun world which everyone should be able to explore and conquer. The hearthstone hack for gold will offer you this unique possibility.

The Hearthstone Hack For Gold

The world of hacks has changed in the past years. What was thought to be a successful, reliable hack is today different. Previously, a hack such as this hearthstone hack tool would have be given you unlimited resources. Today this is not possible anymore. If we truly want a safe and reliable hack we need different techinques and unique ways of hacking. To achieve this we had to come up with specific features for this hearthstone hack and for all other similar programs that we developed.

The Hearthstone Hack Features

The main feature of this hack for heartshtone is implemented to deliver a 100% safety. The first main feature is the Payment Emulation feature which will grand you total safety while using the generator and while using the hearthstone free gold hack. This feature will emulate within the cloud a payment process which will be regarded as authentic by the security servers. The next features are the proxy server and the country selection feature. The proxy server feature will help remove any trace of your account with the IP of our wesbites whilst the country selection feature will help the hearthstone hack gold work faster and more accurate. These option are not automatically activated. To help prevent spammers these have to be manually activated on the hearthstone online hack page.

Hearthstone Hack Gold Video Proof

The hearthstone online hack will not require your account password. This used to be the standard practice, but not anymore. The expanding of our team led to new methods of hacking and helped us constantly come up with new ways of developing and sustaining gaming hacks which are 100% safe. Give a try and check this hearthstone hack for gold at the official page of the hearthstone gold hack.

Warframe Platinum Generator for Easy Free Platinum

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Get a fair advantage over your enemies having access to your best weapons of choice. If you want to have the best weapons to defeat your enemies you need lots of platinum in warframe. The best way to get easy platinum in warframe is through this warfame platinum generator which will help you get decent amounts of free credits daily. However, the program is intended to help the players that need help. Some players do not need any free platinum hacks. This is why we had to come up with a solution that will benefit the former category of players.


Warframe Evolution

Warframe is one game that managed to stand the test of time. Delivering quality over quantity has become one of their focuses over the years and for this reason it has become widely popular and appreciated. It is one of a kind game that managed to combine different aspects from completely different genres creating a unique experience for the user. As it happens with online games, the producers need to take care of the necessary financials to run the game and to make a profit.

warframe platinum generator

Why Platinum

In Warframe, this is done through platinum. Platinum is the game’s currency and it can be of big impact when fighting your enemies. It can also provide an unfair and unjust gameplay. Some warframe players can easily afford it whilst others not so much. It is for them we have created this warframe platinum generator. However, it is a big responsibility and we need to came up with unique solutions to keep the game’s financials protected from falling down. This would mean bad news for the overall game. We do not want to kill the game, we want to nourish it.

The Warframe Platinum Generator

Most hacks today do not take into consideration the big picture. Most games generators are created with the intent to deliver unlimited resources for anyone using it. This will help destroy the game. If everyvody would be using free platinum hacks in warframe, there would not be warframe anymore. We need to know better than this and be more aware of all things and the responsibility required to create a responsible warframe platinum generator.

A Balanced Game

Platinum in warframe can make or break a player. If you have no problems in acquiring platinum with money than you might win fights not based on your skills but because of your money. There are players who although are more skilled they are defetead because the enemy had more platinum. This is unfair and it is one of the main reasons why we need a warframe platinum generator. With this kind of cheats you will also be able to face the richer player and the winner will finally be decided based on skills and not on who is wealthier.

The warfame platinum generator has a daily limit and an algorithm that can detect specific aspects of your warframe account. First and foremost, your account needs to be 1 month old in order to be eligible to use this platinum cheat. Secondly, you need not have an extensive history upon purchasing platinum.

If you are regularly buying platinum, the online hack will detect it and might not work for you. Or in the best case scenario you would be able to receive a small amount of free platinum. If you account is over 1 month old and you do not show any traces of purchasing platinum you are in the right spot.

The warframe platinum generator will deliver the maximum amount of free platinum to such account. The maximum amount you will be able to receive on a daily basis is 7090. The program will also keep your account safe. It has the ability to fake a payment process into your account which will prevent you from being labeled as a hacker. Go to to check how many platinum you can recieve by using the online platinum generator posted there.

IMVU Credits Hack No Survey

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When it comes to the world of gaming hacks some games do not really need it some need it more. The imvu credits hack no survey is one hack that it is highly demanded. IMVU is a lot of fun, but the big guys are in trouble. And because they are in trouble they made some changes that had a negative impact on the players.

imvu free credits

One of these changes was the decision to withdraw the reseller program. This is such a benefit for many, but maybe it was just part of their plan in the big picture. Nonetheless, the imvu credits hack no survey will help you get free imvu credits without paying any money. We do not actually want to have players all getting free imvu credits. This means that IMVU industry would not be able to pay their bills anymore. Due to this reason we need a smarter approach where everybody could benefit and no one loses.

IMVU Credits

IMVU is a great game which you and many others are having fun with. The world of IMVU is rather vast and there are so many things to do and so many people you can meet. There are many aspects that helped make it a popular game. The credits aspect is not one of them though. Credits are expensive in IMVU and many players grew discontent towards them. This is because IMVU does not seem to make any changes in the favor of players but rather try to rip off players for their own benefit.

A Smarter IMVU Credits Hack No Survey

We need to have a scenario where IMVU still has the necessary financials to pay their bills. For this reason we need a certain limitations and a smart approach regarding who can benefit from this imvu credits hack no survey and who cannot. If everyone would be able to get free imvu credits 24/7 IMVU would go bankrupt in short time.

This imvu credits hack no survey will detect the history of your account regarding your credits. If you are a buying person which oftentimes acquire credits with real money, the imvu generator may not deliver any credits for you. On the other hand, if you prove to be a player that does not really buy credits on a regular basis, the imvu credits hack will easily deliver the free credits for you.

Secondly, your account needs to be one month old in order to be eligible to use this imvu credits hack with no survey. This prevents people making new accounts everyday and generate free imvu credits and send the as gift to their main accounts. If we want a reliable, safe and trustworthy free credits solution we need some smart features.

imvu free credits

Safety First

Apart from the above features, the imvu credits hack no survey comes with two features that will help keep your account in safe conditions. You need to activate these features on your own on the imvu hack online page. You left this for the users as will help prevent bots from overloading our servers with automatic requests. One must activate these before using the imvu credits hack no survey.

The Payment Emulation feature will enable your make your account look legit. It does exaclty what it says. It will emulate a payment process within your account, therefore passing any test in case this happens. The Proxy Server option will make your account untraceable. It will help erase any connection between your account and our imvu hack.

IMVU Credits Hack Video Demonstration

In order to make IMVU a better world we need special tricks. The imvu credits hack no survey comes prepared with all the tricks needed to have a long lasting free credits solution. Most importantly, it is a best solution as it will not have a negative impact on the overall IMVU world.

Top and Oldest Gaming Companies (That Are Still Alive Today)

The world of video games is relatively a new industry. Compared to the world of films or other industries, video gaming is at is infancy still. Many companies arouse and faded away within a short time. However, the gaming companies that still stand still after 20+ years are the companies that are worhty of gamer’s respect for trying to stay alive not for their own sake but for the gamers’ benefit as well. Here is a list of some of the most popular and predominant gaming companies names of all time.

1. Activision

Like most of the games on this list, Activision started early within the gaming industry. Making itself heard for the first time on the almigthy Atari 2600 console, Activision has been a strong player within the video gaming industry ever since back in 1980. The Activision Games List of All Time is one of the most extensive ones on wikipedia. Some of the most known titles include Ghostbusters (released on multiple platforms arond 1984), Pitfall 2, After Burner, Altered Beast, Double Dragon and a lot more. Some of my favourite games by Activision are Sword Master (NES), Quake II (PSX), R-Type II (NES), Tenchu II (PSX). Not as prevalent and as mighty as 15-20 years ago, Activision still manages to deliver quality in present days with games such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Destiny 2 or Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

2. EA (Electronic Arts)

Electronic Arts goes wayy back into the world of sports games. Although they are mostly associated with sports games, EA has actually delivered some great hits along the history of video games. One of their own series is SimCity which started in as early as 1989 with the first SimCity game released on numerous platforms. They were into the sports genre even before that with games such as Skate or Die (1987) or Ferrari Formula One and John Madden Footbal both released in 1988. Today, they are the most prevalent logo within the world of blockbuster video games.

3. Square Enix

Square Enix is one of my favourite gaming companies. Compared to EA, they are more original, they have more dignity and they always try to exceed expectations whereas EA mostly try to deliver what the gamers expect and sometimes even less than that. Owning entire series such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest they are probably the masters and fathers of the RPG genre. So many good memories and over the top moments have been provided by Square company over the years. Even though they are most popular within the RPG genre, they managed to exceed expectation in other gaming genres as well.

Tomb Raider, Legacy of Kain and Carmageddon are just a few that came in mind. Without a doubt Square Enix (formerly named Square) has managed to stay on top of the gaming industry at all times. And it seemed to be doing this as effortlesly as a walk in the park. This is why they are easily one of the top gaming companies of all time.

4. Konami

Konami is another old player within the world of video games. They have some of the best action classics ever created. With series such as Contra, Gradius, TMNT, Metal Gear, Castlevania is easy to proclaim them as the masters of the action genre. More popular back in the classic era, Konami still has a certain spot today in the world of video games which can never be replaced by anyone. Today they mostly deal with Silent Hill and Metal Gear sequels as well as Yu-Gi-Oh! It is a shame such a previously big gaming comapny has falled back into a handful of game titles when most other gaming comapnies try to grab as much piece of the pie as possible. However, they do know what they are doing and they handle it on a steady and safe level delivering quality and meeting the gamers’ needs and expectations.

5. Capcom

Capcom is one of my favourite gaming comanies. At leat I thought so when I was a youngster and rocking daily on my NES clone (Terminator 2 console). So many great memories coming back just thinking about the name. Mega Man, Mighty Final Fight, Street Fighter 2010, Duck Tales, Devil May Cry. And of course Resident Evil Series. Capcom has sort of kept it on a steady line along the years. Back in the classic era they released hit after hit and today they kind of doing the same. Resident Evil series is considered one of the most influential games of all time and they did it twice. First in 1996 on the Play Station 1 and then again with Resident Evil 4. Capcom proved to be a top player in the gaming world industry and this is why made to this list.

6. Nintendo

Where would the world of video games be today without Nintendo? No one knows precisely but one thing is certain. They are the ones that put video games on the map. The history of contemporary gaming starts with Nintendo. They are the ones who delivered games such as Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, Metroid just to name a few. No one can deny the impact of Nintendo on the map of video games. Although today they are not as appreciated as back in the 90’s, they still have a word to say on the world arena.

Other game comapanies try to focus on action, bloody, violent genres whilst Nintendo followed their own track and still release sequels of the great classics. Some of these are Mario Kart Galaxy, Mario Party 10, Paper Mario: Color Splash or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. No gaming company no matter their influence could ever deny the influence and the relevancy of Nintendo in the ever growing platform of the video games.

7. Namco

Not so many game titles are released under this name today. Apart from the Tekken series I can’t think of modern namco games that are popular. However, in terms of classics they are right on spot. They have released some of the most prevalent classics among which are Galaga, Pac Man. They do have a rich history and their first game goes as far back as 1978 released on their very own console. They have a few other consoles which did not make it thorugh the test of time such as Namco System 1 & 2 and many more arcade games produced by Namco. They are mostly known abroad in Asia for their arcade gaming history. Within the western modern world they have released titles such as Ace Combat, Soulcalibur, Time Crisis or Xenosaga.

Honorable mentions

Ubisoft – A true company that did not say much back in the days, but does a real good job in modern times. Some of their titles include Assasin’s Creed, Tom Clancy, Far Cry, Prince of Persia. One of the classics created by Ubisoft is Rayman.

SCEA – If I would have to pick the best match for Nintendo this is SONY. Over 50% of my favorite games goes to SONY. God of War, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Killzone are just a few of them.

This list is biased towards the gaming comapnies that were here at the begninng and are still around us today. What are your thoughts considering this small list? Does it sound true to your gaming history and their developers. What about your Top Classic Games that you still play today?

Top Games To Play Today

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There are games that you play once and there are games that you play after years and you still enjoy playing. Today we are interested in games that are deathless. Games that you can play no matter of the place in time or your age. As you can expect this list consists of old classic games some of which are online based multiplayer games and others are single player games for console or PC. Here we go.

1. Zelda: Ocarina of Time

If you have never heard of Zelda series you are basically not alive. It is highly regarded as one of the best games ever and if you would have played it back in the days you would totally agree with this bold statement. The world of 3d games was fairly new. There were some good hits within this new genre such as Mario or Resident Evil. However, Zelda took things one step further and proved that they still rule over the world of video games. Zelda tells the story of a character named Link which is one of the few ascendents of the Hylian race. He has to prevent the dark force portrayed by Ganondorf to acquire the omnipotent power of the triforce and take over the world. To do this Link will have to travel back and forth in time to collect the Six Medallions that will help restore peace and defeat Ganondorf.

The gameplay is one of the most extensive of all time. If you would play it today, you will easily lose patience. The game demands a certain level of implication. This is not hard however as the story is enticing enough to make you want to see the hero prevail in his journey. Journey that at times seems endless but with purpose. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time excels in almost every gaming aspect. Storyline, characters, gameplay, music, locations, graphics. It is a one of a lifetime experience. After 20 years of evolutionary gaming you can hardly find any game that could match the masterfulness of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

2. Minecraft

Within the world of online games there is Minecraft. Minecraft is a sandbox game genre. Sandbox games deal with multiple variations of the same idea. Multiple tasks and multiple options to choose from. Minecraft is the father of sandbox gaming. You can create your own world and players will play it according to the rules you created. Released back in 2009, Minecraft doesn’t seem to slow down a bit. With over 50 million monthly users it is clear why it made it to this list. It is a game and a genre which does not have a finish line. In fact, many game ideas and concepts are first put into testing within the vast world of Minecraft before they are released as independent games. There are so many type of games and influences of other genres within the world of Minecraft that no single website could ever discuss them all. It is the home of diversity and the place for endless fun. If you have never tried Minecraft before you are wasting a tremendous experience. Minecraft should be on any list of top games of all time.

3. Tetris

If you are a teenager you cannot understand why this game has made to such list. Tetris was released in 1984. Without a doubt is the most prevalent game of all times with countless re-releases that no light hearted gamer could track and count. Even today after 25 years you can still find variotions of the 1986 original installment. It is a game for anyone and any age. There are no rules who and how can play this game. As simple as it is, as broad and accessible will be. It is pointless to discuus about the Tetris gameplay. There is no living person above 14 years that doesn’t have a slightest idea about the game. And a slightest idea is enough. The world of video games started with games like this. Tetris is and will be one of the most influential and predominant games of all time. It easily makes this top video games of all time and it will make any such list 20 years from now.

4. GTA Series

Among the most played games of all time is Grand Theft Auto. This is a game that will make to half of every gamer top games list. One of the first open-word games, GTA started its journey ever since 1997. GTA and GTA 2 were 2D based games. Although the most popular of all is GTA Vice City, GTA 3 is the one that started everything for RockStar. No one before attempted to create a 3D open world game. Many were skeptical about the future of such genre but not Rockstar. They have become synonymous with Open World Action Gaming. Every place GTA was released, be it handheld, console or PC gaming, GTA had lots of players waiting to try it. Playing in an open real life-like world you will easily get addicted to walk on the open street and do whatever you like to whoever you want. Any top games list should have Grand Theft Auto as it is one of the games that never failed to deliver more than expected in a time spawn of almost 20 years.

Which of these 4 games fits best for your preferences? This is just a small list of a bigger list to come. Stay tuned for more similar games to play that are classic genre but still playable today. Until then check out this post about Top Gaming Companies. Which one is your favourite gaming company and why?