The world of video games needs a refreshment. Many sites talk about news and new games reviews. They are all battling on the same topic. It’s time for an out-of-the-box view upon the world of video games. With knowledge in the history of gaming world we want to bring a new taste within the vast world of video games through this new http://www.pcgamestation.com/ web blog.

Here you find articles rather focused on the gems and history of the world of video games. Time have moved so fast that we did not had enough time to grasp them all. This is why we need to take a look back and revisit what it is to be revisited. This means that we will speak about the old times. About who and how they managed to change the world of video games and most importantly why.

We are currently a small team of old folks trying to fulfill our deisre and pleasure in taking part into the forgotten world of video games. Today it is all mainstream. Back in the days it was word of mouth and this is what made everything so special. We want to bring back some of the moments and we hope you will jump in with us.